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Walleye are a very challenging but great eating fish.  Most people would agree that it’s the best eating fish in freshwater. We are lucky enough to have a world class fishery right in our backyard.  The Columbia River puts out more 10lb (trophy class) walleye than any other fishery in the world.  Many Mid-West anglers travel to the Columbia for their shot at a double digit walleye.


To be a successful walleye angler you must be dedicated and on the water often.  I am a successful walleye angler as well as a top tournament fisherman.  With the prestigious title of 2012 Columbia River Circuit Angler of the Year my ability to catch fish under all conditions has been proven. 


The learning curve on walleye is steep.  There are a lot of factors and variables for locating and catching these toothy fish.  I pride myself in not only putting fish in the boat but also helping people go out and do it themselves. 

Walleye is a year-round fishery but the focus is January-March for Trophy Walleye and June-August for summer walleye fishing.  During the early season we primarily target fish over 10lbs with plenty of 5-8lb fish being caught every year.  This is a trip where you are often fishing in cold conditions so dressing properly is essential.  The summer season is more comfortable with larger numbers of fish coming to the boat.  In addition we often catch bass, perch, and the occasional sturgeon.

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